Lawsuit against Achillea Beu for fraud against the State, disloyalty and breach of duty


The decision to take legal action against him Achillea Beau took the editor of the newspaper “Magnesia”as reported by “”.

According to the website, Archimedes Kareklides filed a lawsuit against the legal representatives of PAE Volos and the mayor of the city for fraud against the State, disloyalty and breach of duty.

The relevant publication states specifically:

“A leading case concerning the involvement of the Municipality of Volos with the PAE “Volos NPS” is now taking the path of Justice.

In a petition filed by the publisher of the “Magnesia” newspaper Archimedes Kareklidis, it is requested to investigate the possible commission of particularly serious crimes, to the degree of a felony.

The petition, which is directed against the legal representatives of PAE “Volos NPS”, the Mayor of Volos, members of the municipal authority and any other person in charge, was filed today with the Prosecutor’s Office of First Instance and is being notified to the Prosecutor’s Office of the Supreme Court, the Anti-Money Laundering Authority from Criminal Activities and to the National Transparency Authority for a “Nowhere Related” check.

Mr. Kareklides asks the Court to investigate, based on the facts mentioned in the complaint, the possible criminal responsibilities of each person involved in relation to the concession of the Panthessaliko Stadium by the Municipality of Volos to the “Volos NPS” PAE, with ” surrogate person” the amateur association “Volos NPS”, and in particular those who are involved in a dual capacity, i.e. that of the representatives of the Municipality and at the same time the members of the Management or shareholders of PAE, as well as any other person who will be revealed to have provided assistance and support in the commission of a series of criminal acts, which are detailed in the indictment.

In the indictment, specifically, a number of violations of the relevant legislation are recorded and details of the methodology followed for the circumvention of the Laws, the deception of the State and the damage of the Municipality of Volos are listed.

In the indictment, it is requested, in particular, to investigate the possible commission of the offenses of fraud against the State, disloyalty and breach of duty and any other offenses arising from the investigation.

It is also requested to check the movement of all the bank accounts of PAE, as well as the individual accounts of Ah. Beau and his family members, as well as the persons involved.

According to the information listed, “the Mayor, as legally responsible for following the legal procedure for the lease and sub-lease of the Panthessal stadium, as well as for determining the rental fee, instead of defending the public and municipal interest and perform his duties in accordance with the principles of good administration, transparency and efficiency, he used his dominant position in the Municipality to the fullest and ruthlessly, in combination with his simultaneous status as President and CEO of PAE, but also as an absolute controller the amateur association, in order to fully serve the interests of PAE under the name “VOLOS NEW FOOTBALL ASSOCIATION PAE” and, as a result, his personal financial and electoral interests, as well as those of his mentioned partners, as specifically explained in the indictment” .

Source: Sport Fm

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