Alexandropoulos: “We don’t have stress and pressure, but self-confidence”


Olympiacos on Thursday (05/10, 19:45) will face the Batska Topola in Serbia, for the 2nd round of the Europa League.

THE Sotiris Alexandropoulos he spoke at the press conference and revealed among other things whether his team feels pressure playing away from home.

His statements in detail:

Does the fact that you are playing away from home and that despite your good performance with Freiburg you lost and can things in the group go “wrong” from the first matches creates extra pressure for you?

“We don’t have stress and pressure, but confidence because we know our team and we know how good football we can play. We are also prepared to play in a good venue and with a strong team. We have to look at ourselves and the game and do what we have to do to get the three points.”

Do you owe anything to yourselves because of the result and the image you had in the first race?

“You can make big performances, but what counts in the big competitions are the three points. We saw in the past that with a bad performance in Genk, we ended up here. As the coach said, so far in the big games we have had good performances, but we have to get the three points that we didn’t get in the premiere”.

How different does it feel from Genk so far? Regarding your development and your adaptation to the team.

“The goal he scored against Genk was important, as was the qualification. Then I was two weeks in the team, now after two months I can say that I feel pleasant. From the first moment I understood that the coach wants to improve me and this gave me more confidence to give everything in training and matches. What I am looking forward to is the continuation and that we all have health so that we can make a beautiful journey”.

Source: Sport Fm

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