Emotional Rivers for Ioannidis: “Like Sinatra, he ‘did it his way'”


“Goodbye” to Yannis Ioannidis said David Rivers, making an emotional post on Facebook. The veteran guard coexisted with “Xanthos” in his first season (1995-96) at Olympiakos and felt the need to say goodbye to him through an emotional post.

His post in detail

We have lost a pioneer of the basketball community. Coach Ioannidis was as formidable as you can get when it comes to competitive nature (he was truly unique and natural).

I loved playing for him, working with him, seeing his unwavering passion come through in every word he said through the pauses of every breath (as he smoked his cigarette). Coach Ioannidis knew what he wanted to achieve at every moment and pursued his vision, strategies and plans fiercely (without apology).

Like the great idol Frank Sinatra, coach Ioannidis “did it his way!” Behind all the shouting and shouting of his orders to every player he has ever coached. I believe he truly loved each and every one of us.

For me personally, coach Ioannidis personified the strength and toughness of Greek Basketball during his time. He named Greek basketball, his image deserves to be honored in every official basketball league in Greece, because this is what Coach Ioannidis was for the game of basketball and the impact that was felt far beyond the country.

He was not well for some time, but now he is home with God and all is well indeed. My thoughts are with his family, his loved ones, the players he coached, his fans and his dear friends. May coach Ioannidis never be forgotten as he rests in peace. In memory of a great coach and persistent competitor».

Source: Sport Fm

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