Obradovic: “Not everything was honest in Madar’s departure”


Particularly annoyed with the way Mr Yam Madar left her Partisan to continue his career in Fenerbahce stated the Zeljko Obradovic. The Serbian coach left sharp points both for the handling of the Israeli guard, and for those… who were hiding behind the move that caused a “diplomatic” episode between the two teams, as well as a rift with the player’s agent, Misko Raznatovic.

The players who left this summer made it clear why. Lessor said we couldn’t offer him the money other teams were giving him. This is legitimate. Exum said he wanted to return to the NBA and I wished him luck. Papapetrou accepted a perfect offer to return to his country and said that this was his wish. And that is legitimate. But not everything was honest with Madar“, emphasized the coach of Partizan and added:

He came from Tel Aviv to talk. We talked about his footage for about two hours in a cafe next to my house. At every opportunity he mentioned his ambitions, appreciation and the progress he made at Partizan. A little later, he picked me up and talked to me about money. He told me he wasn’t happy with his contract. When I told him that we didn’t talk about it in our first meeting, he told me that he recently realized that the money he was getting wasn’t enough. I explained to him that despite his development I didn’t want to single him out from the other players. I told him that we took him while he was unknown and we had a plan in which he had an important part. When I realized that I had nothing more to say, I referred him to Zoran Savic and… that’s it».

Source: Sport Fm

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