Antipas: “I would never have thought that this match would end 2-2 for Olympiakos…”


His own comment on his draw Olympiakou in Serbia, with the 2-2 with Backa Topola at the “TSC Arena”, testified Herakles Antipas to News Bulletin 247.

An Olympiakos came in, with very good circulation and a characteristic that the coach has passed with quick passes, and with a goal in the 13th minute. And a goal that was a goal. He made a terrible diagonal ball from Fortounis, Pontense made the assist, with an amazing header from Masoura. Olympiacos was not particularly threatened by the Serbs. Olympiakos was not afraid of anything. They had a shot in the 30th minute and the striker missed in a good position and another phase, by Doi with Paschalakis. Olympiacos had the moments to score another goal. I was watching Olympiakos that the damage will be done. Especially in the second half, he came in with the same plan, it was Podense he was completely improved, who scored another goal and somewhere there we thought the match was over“, the team reporter initially reported.

There the double change was made by Martinez and after a minute it was 1-2 and the Serbians entered the match, who seemed to believe it. Then came Doe’s dismissal, which for me was too much. From Olympiakos they were calling for him to see it in VAR and he didn’t show the slightest inclination to see it in the video. After 0-2, the image of Olympiakos did not show that Martinez was afraid of the match. And then he forced El Kabi off, brought on Jovetic and put Alexandropoulos in place of Fortounis, and with ten men Olympiacos had 1-2 chances to score and make it 1-3“, he added.

And he went on to say:The match had gone awry, and in stoppage time the cross was sent to the back of the defense and Rodiney covered it, making the match 2-2. I will not hide the thought, since the moment the match went wrong, and if there were 3-4 minutes left, we would have no mouth to speak and no legs to come back from such a result».

Source: Sport Fm

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