Demis for Olympiakos: “He scored two goals without a phase – 3rd place in such a group is not a failure”


The defensive issue that Olympiacos has emphasized the Demis Nikolaidiscommenting on the image of the red and whites in the match against Batsa Topola, while praising them at the same time Rodney and Camara.

Demis also commented that the 3rd place in the group is not a failure and mentioned that the Piraeus they lost two pivotal players in the axis (Huang, Embila) in the season finale.

“It will only be a failure if he finishes 4th. Third place is not a failure for this group, we have seen Freiburg and West Ham. He has 20-25 minutes at the start which is very strong, then he managed and it makes sense, when the match is 0-2.

Rodenei is the most active footballer of Olympiakos in the last matches. The defensive midfielders passing numbers weren’t very high, they were around 85% with Kamara and Ese. Kamara also made quite a few steals and high. You can press her in such matches. It could end 1-2, though. Without a phase, Olympiacos conceded two goals. It is not possible that Olympiacos should score 3 and 4 goals to win the match, they should learn to win 1-0 if they want to win the championship”commented among others.

For the Olympiakos axis: “There’s Alexandropoulos, who has been over 90% successful passes lately to fill the void of one of Ese or Kamara if someone is absent. Olympiacos lost two amazing players in the axis. Huang was something new, he was amazing. But Embila is… Embila.”

“Podense is back better than before, Masouras is excellent this year”concluded.

Listen to his comment about Olympiakos:

Source: Sport Fm

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