Premier League-8th matchday: The “lights” in London for Arsenal-Manchester City!


All eyes are on London for the 8th matchday of the Premier League, where on Sunday evening (8/10, 18:30) the Arsenal and Manchester City. Namely, last year’s two contenders, who of course continue their battle (but not alone) this season as well.

Beyond that, most of the “big guys” have away commitments. Specifically, Tottenham, Chelsea and Liverpool are hosted by Luton, Burnley and Brighton, respectively.

On the other hand, Manchester United welcome Brentford, while West Ham hosts Newcastle.

The rating:

In detail, the program of the 8th matchday:

Saturday (7/10)

Luton-Tottenham (14:30)

Everton-Bournemouth (17:00)

Manchester United-Bradford (17:00)

Burnley-Chelsea (17:00)

Fulham-Sheffield United (17:00)

Crystal Palace Nottingham Forest (19:30)

Sunday (8/10)

West Ham-Newcastle (16:00)

Wolves-Aston Villa (16:00)

Brighton-Liverpool (16:00)

Arsenal-Manchester City (18:30)

The schedule for the next (9th) matchday:

Saturday (21/10)

Liverpool-Everton (14:30)

Manchester City-Brighton (17:00)

Bournemouth-Wolves (17:00)

Brentford-Burnley (17:00)

Newcastle-Crystal Palace (17:00)

Nottingham Forest-Luton (17:00)

Chelsea-Arsenal (19:30)

Sheffield United-Manchester United (22:00)

Sunday (22/10)

Aston Villa-West Ham (18:30)

Tottenham-Fulham (22:00)

Source: Sport Fm

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