“He made his presence felt”: Vezenkov won the NBA with… good morning!


The unofficial debut of with the Kings jersey he performed at dawn o Sasha Vezenkovin Sacramento’s loss with 112-99 by the Raptors at Rogers Arena in Vancouver.

His former player Olympiakouas noted by US state media and major websites dealing with the NBA, managed to make his presence felt.

Specifically, the Bulgarian ace managed to score 12 points (with 4/7 shooting, 2/4 3-pointers and 2/2 field goals), collect 2 rebounds and have 1 assist in 11 minutes.

In fact, what most stand on is the fact that it didn’t take him long to find his footing and just a few seconds after entering the floor, managed to score his first basket with the “kings”, first making a screen to his opponent and then executed the free three-pointer.

The impatience of some Kings friends for Vezenkov’s debut she was bigcommenting that the MVP of last year’s Euroleague has not made his entrance yet, waiting for them to see his talent for themselves.

This finally happened in the 6th minute in the third period of the meeting with the Raptors and in the finale, everyone was writing the best for the leading scorer of this particular meeting for Sacramento.

Website of the well-known Sacramento newspaper “The Sacramento Bee» emphasizes in the analysis of the match that the 28-year-old rookie forward was one of the few bright spots for the Kings, who had a percentage of 39.3% and 10/45 in three-pointers.

Vezenkov immediately showed his ability to score in different ways, with a three-pointer, hitting free throws and a layup“, adds the same publication.

Beyond the press, The comments on Twitter/X were also excellentwith Kings fans deifying him, especially with his entrance and “execution” of his first basket in the magical world of the NBA.

Also, There have been many references to webcasts as well that followed Vezenkov’s debut.

Source: Sport Fm

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