In the… counterattack, PAS: Answered Volos about the arbitration – Support for Staikos


He went on the counterattack PAS Ioannina! The Epiroites responded to the announcement of Volos, through which they protested about the refereeing in the Cup game between them last Saturday, where the team of Magnesia was found to be the winner.

So he answers and states how “we saw a referee award an opponent’s goal in a phase that had been preceded by a foul, then turn a blind eye to a clear red on the footballer Bertoglio” about his performance Tsagaraki.

At the same time, he makes a review of the treatment he has PAS from arbitration this year, while he concludes that the administration supports him Thanasi Staiko.

The announcement in detail:

PAE PAS Ioannina 1966 congratulates the owner of PAE Volos N.P.S. for his re-election as Mayor of Volos and to wish the residents of the city who were affected by the devastating floods good strength.

The previous season was a special and difficult year both for the team and for us personally with the loss of our father Giorgos Christovasilis. From the beginning of the season and with the changes in the club we had made a promise not to comment on the decisions of the referees to help the work of the Greek refereeing for a clean league, in an effort to remove any toxicity from Greek football. We are well aware that we are all entitled to make mistakes in life, let alone in football which is part of life. However, this does not mean that we will remain idle when situations occur in front of our eyes to the detriment of our team.

Taking the games one by one, both in the league and in the Cup, one can see that PAS Ioannina has to face not only the opponent but also the wrong decisions of the referees who decide to become the negative protagonists of the games.

In Agrinio against Panaitolikos, we saw Garo’s goal disallowed for offside after a VAR decision with the offside lines entering the goal and seeing a line that leaves two of the opponent’s players exposed.

The double standards continued in the games with the theoretically big ones mainly in the mentality towards the other teams. From the ease of attributing any foul depending on the shirt that was worn to the offense or the behavior of the referees themselves towards the footballers.

A typical example is the foul by Ioannidis on Rienstra, where the referee thought he should shake hands with the one who committed the offence. This mentality was even more evident in the game which was delayed for a flag that was deemed indecent and abusive, which was not considered when it reappeared in the second half.

As for the game with Panserraikos, we all saw how easily a penalty was given in a phase that is not clear if it was inside the area, while a corresponding infringement inside the area on Pantelakis, the VAR did not even enter the process to examine it, depriving our team the possibility of an equaliser, while a side-out in favor of the team turned into a foul, a foul from which came his third goal of the Serres team and condemned PAS to defeat.

The highlight came in the Cup match against Volos in a game that didn’t even have VAR and TV coverage (in 2023), we saw a referee award an opponent’s goal in a phase that had been preceded by a foul, while then turning a blind eye to a clean red to football player Bertoglio. All this to clarify the reality and inform the president of Volos that the Zosimades were not found on the platforms of ESI.

PAS Ioannina will continue to support the Greek refereeing, looking forward to a lasting and fruitful cooperation in the right direction in a common course framework that will have as its ultimate goal the good of Greek football.

Finally, we would like to send a message to everyone that the management has absolute confidence in the work of the coaching staff and the entire football department and we are sure that all the efforts on the field will soon bear fruit.

Source: Sport Fm

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