Punch in the stomach: Norwich’s shocking video for World Mental Health Day!


A video… punch in the stomach was posted by Norwich on the occasion of world mental health day (10/10).

The truth is that even in our days the depression it is considered taboo and one does not easily talk about it. And many times a person’s image can deceive someone. For example, you can see a person who is smiling and outgoing and yet may be depressed and conversely, see someone who is introverted and fine.

This is what her video shows us Norwich, with two fans in the stands. One should celebrate and the other should be quiet. At first glance, you think that the one who doesn’t shout so much is having a hard time. Until you get to the end of the video where you see an empty seat…

“Sometimes it’s obvious when someone is struggling to cope, sometimes the signs are harder to spot. Check those around you.”

Source: Sport Fm

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