He beat Bayern, made a “save” in the Euroleague and… Panathinaikos is looking ahead!


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The “greens” hardly defeated her Bayern with a score of 78-71 and they got the first… European pink card of the season, leaving behind them the negative start and getting psyched for the continuation!

His team Ergin Ataman were in control throughout the game, yet Lasso’s hard-nosed Bayern constantly found a way to stay close and threaten, never taking the lead despite 12 (!) offensive rebounds in the second half.

Leader of the match and first scorer was Matias Lessor with 16 points and 6 rebounds. 14 added o Grant, Grigonis had 11 and Juancho had 10. Excellent and pivotal with 3/3 three-pointers o Manzoukas.

From the visitors, who fell to 1-1, he stood out with 19 points Bolmarowhile Booker had 11 and 10 o Bonga.

The match

THE Panathinaikos came hard with Lessor and Vildosa for 4-0, while Grigonis and Huandzo hit consecutive three-pointers for 10-0, signing the home team’s strong start. The score for Bayern was opened by Obst with… a classic three-pointer for 10-3, with Vildosa answering for 12-3. Grant with a lucky long shot made it 15-5, second double-digit difference of the match, while Matias Lessor nailed impressively for 19-7. The first period ended with another nailing by the Frenchman for 23-11.

At the start of the second period, Francisco and Papapetrou exchanged three pointers for 26-14. The defense of the home team was excellent, with their captain posting Francisco for the double score (28-14). Balcherovsky and Bolmaro they exchanged points for 30-16, while the Argentine with a steal and a layup reduced to 12 (30-18). The Bavarians armed his defense Ibaka and Bolmaro’s attack made the difference even bigger (30-22), with the Argentine reaching 15 points early on for 32-28. The half ended at 37-30 with his 3-pointer Manjuka.

In the third period, Juancho started with a 3-pointer for 40-30, with Bolmaro picking up where he left off for 40-32. Grant made a nice individual effort for the new +10 (42-32), while o Lessor with a foul goal he made it 45-34. Lost rebound they gave the right to Ibaka to reduce with a three-pointer (45-37), but Lessor answered with the same coin for 47-37. The problem of missed rebounds continued, with the Bavarians constantly renewing attacks and the Giphy to reduce to 47-44. Booker with a fresh start cut it to 50-48. The third period ended with Lesor following for 54-48.

THE Manzoukas with a big three-pointer from the corner he signed +7 at the beginning of the fourth quarter (59-52), but Booker also took the foul for 59-55. Consecutive shots from Grant and Grigonis made it 63-55. Booker further increased Bayern’s offensive rebounds and cut it to 63-57, but the Manzoukas hit another big shot for 67-59, with Grant trailing for 70-59! THE Bonga made a crucial 3-pointer for 72-62, and while everything seemed to be decided, the visitors made a partial 9-0 to cut it to 74-71. Grant called his shots, h Bayern missed and the match ended with a victory for Panathinaikos.

The quarters: 23-11, 37-30, 54-48, 78-71

Detailed match statistics here.

Source: Sport Fm

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