Mavropanos: “We will give everything against Ireland”


Greece is concentrated for the match against Ireland, with Dino Mavropanos giving a signal for a good result for the blue and white team and for a “fight” in this particular match.

What he said in detail

Do you want three out of three to get to the next stage, does that make you more anxious?

We know that there are three games left to complete the group. Each game individually. We want to get the best possible result here first and then see what we can do in the remaining two matches».

As for whether they have worked on the set pieces because of the Irish’s ability in the high game?

Yes, in general, we know that one of the strong elements of the opponent is the static phases. We have worked a lot with our coach. And he has informed us of what we must do».

For qualification and how close is it?

From the beginning of these games we had set ourselves the goal of qualifying. We have to win tomorrow and everything happens in football in the remaining matches. Even if we don’t win tomorrow, we have two more matches to win».

You are in great shape, you managed to score two goals in the last match, will you score tomorrow?

I do not know this. The most important thing is to win. We will give it our all».

Have you watched Ferguson since you changed teams?

I have watched our opponents. Like them. We know Ferguson as well as the rest of Ireland’s footballers».

Source: Sport Fm

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