Unbelievable but completely true: Larkin had -47 in the +/- system against Real!


2/2 in this year’s Euroleague was celebrated on Thursday night (12/10) by Real Madrid, which making a great appearance overwhelmed me 103-90 the Anatolian Ephesus inside Istanbul and “Sinan Erdem”!

Watching the match, one thought for hours and hours that the “merinches” they ran with… 100, at the same time that the Turks were unable to follow the frenzied rhythm of the “supersonic” team of Chus Mateo!

A typical example of the image of the struggle ish… nightmarish statistics of the presumed natural leader of Ephesus, Shane Larkin. Specifically, the 31-year-old American guard finished the match with 5 points (2/6 shots), 4 assists, 2 rebounds and a foul in 23:53 minutes of participation.

However, what really “shocks” is its performance in +/- system, where the naturalized Turk wrote -47! This means that for as long as he stayed on the floor, Efes conceded 47 more points than he scored!

At the same time, the Argentine guard of Real Madrid, Facundo Campachowho finished the game with an impressive double-double (15 points, 10 assists, 6 rebounds), recorded in that category the impressive +40 in 26:35 racing minutes!

However, Shane Larkin was not the only… misspelling of tonight’s Efes, since Clyburn he virtually never appeared in the game (-30 in the +/- system), worrying about his performance, since he “disappeared” in the premiere with Barcelona.

Source: Sport Fm

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