Nikologiannis: No problem with Botanikos at Panathinaikos – It is very likely that there will be no tickets for Rennes


No worries does not exist, at the given time, from the PAE and Amateur side Panathinaikouregarding the new stadium, as conveyed by Tasos Nikologiannis in his “air”. News Bulletin 247.

We do not have an official position from the new Mayor, although we are all looking for him. I believe that at some point he will take an official position. All we can say is that his faction had voted in favor, even though it was Mr. Geroulanos at the time, not Mr. Doukas. Both Erasitechnis and PAE Panathinaikos do not express any concern for Botanikos and the stadium. They’re all signed, let’s not forget, so what’s next? That he does not agree? Since we are in Greece and it is expected that topics are created even if there are none, it was logical to create a question. There is currently no issue“, he noted in this regard.

Referring to Palmer-Brown’s injury, the station’s reporter emphasized that he would be ready in a month, with the “Cloverleaf” missing him for the next six games, with Arao enlisting in the stoppers if needed and Jovanovic going into management.

At the same time, Nikologiannis pointed out that the possibility of not even getting tickets for the match between Panathinaikos and Rennes is seriously at stakeespecially if friends of the French team also come to the Avenue, due to the smaller capacity compared to OAKA and not only that.

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Source: Sport Fm

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