Austria is in the Euro and with the… arrow!


Its third consecutive appearance in the finals of the European Championship and fourth in the last five events was secured by Austria!

His team Ralph Rangnick he may not have caught high performance standards, but his penalty was enough for her Zabitzer to pass through Azerbaijan (0-1) and ensure its participation in the Euro 2024 to be held in Germany.

He took what Austria wanted and left out of… now out of Swedenwhose games now become procedural in the Euro qualifiers.

Absolute protagonist of the qualifiers Zabitzerwho already has 4 goals and is the top scorer of his team, while he also has 2 assists!

The results of the 8th round:

Azerbaijan-Austria 0-1

(48′ Zabitzer)

Belgium-Sweden (21:45)

The next matchday (16/11):

Azerbaijan-Sweden (19:00)

Estonia-Austria (19:00)

The rating:

The first half of the match was goalless, with Austria in control of the match and threatening the opposition frames. In fact, the guests called twice for a penalty, but the Greek refereeing team showed “you are playing”.

Austria entered the second half just as strongly, with Zabitzer in the 48th minute to open the score from the white bullet. Azerbaijan then took measures on the field and tried to create some phases, but failed to take advantage of any.

The Azerbaijanhowever, he almost… dried up Austria in the 1st minute of stoppage time, but o Bairamov even though he had all the space and time to make the ideal finish, he went to “kill” the opposing keeper and his volley from five meters stopped at the right goal post!

Even so, the visitors kept their lead until the final whistle, securing the ticket for Euro 2024 and participating for the 3rd consecutive time in the competition.

Source: Sport Fm

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