Guzini: “If it was an occasion to overcome stereotypes, well done”


History was written by Lia Guziniwho became the first female head coach in Basketball League history after taking over to guide the Maroussi in the last 7 minutes of the match with PAOKwhen he was expelled George Skarafigas.

THE Guzini spoke to the team’s official channel about this historic night in his closed Saint Thomasemphasizing that he hopes in this way to break stereotypes in the field of coaching.

In detail what he said:

“At that moment I didn’t realize what had happened… It was the intensity of the match… Then I started to realize what had happened. In any case and since we do this work, it is something normal for us. Besides, it’s been done again in the Elite League. We are coaches, gender doesn’t matter. Therefore, we are ready at any time. If it was an occasion to overcome stereotypes, well done”!

It’s partly true that I haven’t talked about it. I spoke to the journalists who were on the pitch after the match. It’s a fact that by nature, because I’m low-key, I generally don’t like to project myself in a team situation. And we know that the team always comes first. The main thing is that we were all upset about the result and especially about the way it was formed. The team is at the beginning. The championship has a way. In fact, we have been together for 10 days and we have a lot of room for improvement.”

Watch the video:

Source: Sport Fm

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