The 2022 Winter Olympics in Beijing are in a bubble!


The organizers of the Beijing Winter Olympics today (09/11) assured the participants that the event will be held in almost normal conditions, but in a “bubble”!

In particular, the Games will be held from February 4 to 20, with no spectators from abroad and all participants undergoing daily coronavirus testing, as China follows a policy of zero Covid-19, using some of the strictest meters in the world.

However, many things about how the Games will be conducted remain uncertain, including how tickets will be distributed to local spectators, who will be separated from the athletes and other staff at the facilities in Beijing and Zhangjiakou City in Hebei Province.

During the Olympics, athletes, journalists, staff and volunteers will remain confined to the standards first established by the NBA.

However, services such as those offered by Beijing attractions, such as the bar area and the silk market, will be available in the bubble.

There will also be grocery and grocery stores, with vendors selling souvenirs, foreign cuisines and beers on site,

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