The doubles formations and pairings for Greece at the Europe Youth Louth table tennis tournament


In the fourth tournament of the Europe Youth Series 2023 of ETTU to be held in Loutraki, the team event will be held with mixed teams as known and in each there must be two male athletes and an equal number of female athletes.

At the Sport Camp facilities, Greece will field three teams in the category of children up to 13 years old and two in that of children up to 15 years old.

From here on, the representation will be broad in the individual events of singles and doubles, in fact, there the male and female athletes have the right to compete in the next age category as well. The Hellenic Philatelic Table Tennis Federation announces the compositions of our representative teams, as well as the Greek pairs.

Before that, we will mention the associations of our total of 28 athletes who will try new competitive experience and give useful tests with foreign athletes on Greek soil.

The Under 13 boys category: Yannis Kioseloglou (AO Poseidon Loutraki), Konstantinos Alexoudis, Konstantinos Isaakidis (GS Filia Orestiada), Spyros Fousekis, Nikos Angelidis, Stefanos Mavromatakis, Michalis Bithavas (AES Ikaros Kastritsiou), Dimitris Georgallidis (SPA Lykovrisis Pefkis ), Dimitris-Marios Alexandridis, George Sassanis, Ioannis Sarigiannis (Telamon of Salamina)

The Under 13 girls category: Despina Dimitriou, Athanasia Goga, Aphrodite-Ioanna Sariskakis (GAS Elefsis), Anna-Fanouria Mitkas (HAN Thessaloniki), Elpida Tassiou (Thermis Thermaios Academy), Sofia Fili (Profiti Ilias Academy Piraeus)

The Under 15 boys category: Yannis Koutras, Chrysovalantis Sambalis, Anastasios Fousekis (AO Poseidon Loutraki), Kostas Fakaros (AO Phoenix Agia Sophia Piraeus), Theofanis-Giorgos Mitkas, Christos Tsiotos (MSG Ethnikis Alexandroupolis), Mark-Lucas Stafford (Roof 80)

The Under 15 girls category: Vassiliki Boulas, Stella Mavromataki, Angela Noure (OA Chania), Alexandra Bithava (Finikes Glyfada Patras)

The compositions of the Greek colors in the team (according to the decision of the EFOEPA Coaches Committee):

In the U13 category:

Greece 1: Alexoudis, Fousekis Sp. – Mitka, Fili

Greece 2: Georgallidis, Angelidis – Dimitriou, Sarikakis

Greece 3: Fousekis An., Isaaakidis – Goga, Tassiou

In the U15 category:

Greece 1: Koutra, Kioseloglou – Boula, Bithava

Greece 2: Fakaros, Mitkas – Mavromataki, Noure

It should be noted that some children had not shown interest in the team. The Greek twins for the doubles, where for the youngest athletes there will also be participation in the next category, are:

In the category of U13 athletes:





Fousekis Sp./Mavromatakis

In the category of female athletes U13:




In the category of U15 athletes:



Fousekis An./Sambalis


In the category of female athletes U15:



If any changes are needed in the originally published competition schedule, due to the small participation, then these will be made along the way. The system for the team competition, where there are expected to be four teams in each category, has not yet been announced.

Source: Sport Fm

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