Kastritis: “The players gave me everything they had and didn’t have”


An important victory, but at the same time a guide for how he should fight Mars in each game constitutes the 68-66 on Turk Telecom, as pointed out by Yannis Kastritis.

Obviously, it’s a big and important win for us. Congratulations to my players. I have to say a few neat things. They sacrificed themselves and their hearts in every possession. Especially in the second half. They deserved a win like today. I wish the best in Turkey and we now look to the next game in Greece“, said the coach of Aris.

Every win is important, especially at the beginning of the year. We want to be mentally tough. After defeats we continue the hard work. But every victory gives you self-confidence and trust. Like defeats, victories also need proper mental management. We must not forget that for us the most important is the next. Next possession, next practice, next day“, he added.

We are very happy. From the first day we have said that we want to create a team that regardless of problems and level of readiness, will give 100% on the court. Our good intervals are increasing. It is important that we improve. The children gave everything they had and didn’t have. That’s where we base our whole game. We want to find better partnerships in our attack, while the players we are missing will also return. I think Lefteris Bohorides has nothing very serious. We will evaluate it day by day. I won’t make a prediction, but it’s a muscle discomfort and we want to watch it. Chris Bankston came after too many flights here. He was tired. We will give him time to enter our philosophy“, concluded.

THE Nenant Chanakcoach of Turk Telecom, said in turn: “Congratulations to Aris for his victory, he played smarter than us, especially in the fourth and last quarter offensively, we made a lot of mistakes while not making some crucial shots as a result of which we lost today’s match. It’s not easy to play here».

Source: Sport Fm

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