Guardiola for Ballon d’Or: “Haaland scored 50 million goals – Messi is in a category by himself”


After the break of the national teams, the action in Premier League is back, and it features a great showdown of hers Manchester City with the Brighton (21/10, 17:00).

In view of this match, o Pep Guardiola deified AEK’s opponent in the Europa groups, but especially the man on its bench, Roberto De Jerbi. At the same time, he spoke about the Golden Ball, emphasizing that Mr Erling Haaland he deserves it for what he did, however Lionel Messi it should have had a category of its own.

In detail what he said:

For Brighton: “Brighton were very good last year, that’s why they got the European ticket. She had some decisions against her in the last games, she could also fight for the Champions League. They continue this year at the same level and the match against them will be one of the toughest tests for Manchester City this season.”

For De Gerby: “Roberto De Gerbi is a nice guy. I admire the way they play, regardless of the team they are facing. When he was at Sassuolo, he always played the same way, even if he was playing at San Siro or Torino. When he went to Shakhtar, Shakhtar started winning and he is doing the same at Brighton. I love watching his team and it’s no surprise the success they’re having, even when they lose 6-1 to Aston Villa it doesn’t matter. Brighton have excellent players but I feel they are getting better with De Gerby. He has turned it into a top club, Macalister and Colwill are gone and they continue to play at a high level. They do the simple things perfectly.”

For the Ballon d’Or winner: “The Ballon d’Or should have two categories. One for Messi and one for the others. By that logic, Haaland should win because he scored 50 million goals. But Messi… His worst season is better than the rest. Realistically, I want to say Erling because he helped us but Leo won the World Cup.”

Source: Sport Fm

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