Finally good, everything is fine with Robak: The 20-year-old Swedish forward of Milan showed signs of life


In recent weeks there had been intense unrest in its ranks Milanregarding the situation in which the 20-year-old striker isEmil Roebuck, who for at least 15 days had not given any sign of life.

The young Swede, who was loaned to Norrkoping by the Rossoneri this year, had disappeared at the beginning of the month, without his team, his manager or even his relatives knowing his whereabouts.

Fortunately, on Saturday afternoon (10/21), Roebuck contacted his people, reassuring everyone who had understandably assumed the worst…

In fact, speaking to the Italian Media, the young forward revealed what he is dealing with Psychological problems and that he is suffering from depression, which is why he preferred to shut himself up and disappear for a few days.

“I didn’t want to see anyone but my family. I suffer from a kind of depression”he initially stated, adding that:

“I haven’t been feeling well lately, in fact I’ve been feeling really bad, sick. I felt that my head was not in the right place and I closed in on myself. It probably wasn’t the right thing, but that’s how I think depression is, but it’s something I’ve never experienced before.”he said characteristically.

Source: Sport Fm

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