Marinakis: Juancar’s clinical picture is satisfactory, the doctor could not say whether he was fit or not


THE Vangelis Marinakis stated after the permanent stop of the derby that “everything was a fairy tale” and that Juancar’s clinical picture was satisfactory, adding that “the doctor could not say whether he was fit or not”.

The statements of Vangelis Marinakis in detail:

Not to be outdone, what the doctor wrote is that in his opinion, after examining him an hour after the incident, Huancar’s clinical picture was satisfactory. From there, he doesn’t have machines and a laboratory on the field to do further tests to say if he was fit or not. According to the regulation, we have to look at him again in the Super League, the doctor can’t say exactly that, because they need tests from machines, which are not available in the stadiums. There was a bang, there were players from both teams warming up. Only one football player appeared to have a problem. The doctor made it clear from the first moment that there was no contact with the firecracker. From the impact, the player said he could not get up and felt dizzy. Leaving, we saw him wearing a collar. These are fairy tales, which we have seen for a long time in the Greek stadiums.

Let’s see an Olympiakos match on Leoforos, where 40 criminals with knives, machetes and improvised bombs were above the bench. There were a thousand crackers, we played, we lost and there was no problem. With Finnbogason, his leg was burned, the doctors saw it, and he could not continue. Here the doctors did not record any damage to the player. His condition was satisfactory and Panathinaikos and the player wanted him to go to the hospital.

We saw what happened in Panathinaikos-AEK and how many firecrackers fell on the pitch and what happened. Now with the first firecracker the player will fall. Instead of taking a step forward, we take 10 steps back. We should avoid such events. If I were the president of Panathinaikos, I would say to continue the match. I was disappointed. The doctor, I’ve never seen him before, I saw him for the first time down here. After saying that the image was satisfactory, he had to continue. The player was a substitute. He wasn’t playing. I have two reasons to be disappointed both as president of Olympiakos and as president of the Super League. This fact takes us back, we will find it in front of us. We were down for three hours and I tried to be calm. The doctor told me that he receives messages threatening him and cursing his mother.

We were ready to continue the match. We were ready to win. Even Panathinaikos players wanted it to continue. It was a derby with phases and we all wanted it to end. Now the courts have their say, we wanted the match to happen. There was no reason not to continue. There are the competent bodies to decide».

Source: Sport Fm

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