What the match sheet says about Juancar’s injury and stoppage


His claims are dismissed Olympiakou from the match sheet for the derby with Panathinaikos, published by Sportime.gr.

THE referee Maresca denies the “red and white” and emphasizes that he was aware of his injury Juancarwhile adding that the match doctor judged at that moment that the Spanish ace had hearing loss.

The match doctor was unable to decide whether or not Panathinaikos’ No. 3 was fit to play, with the medical equipment he had on the field“, is mentioned on the match sheet by the Italian referee who adds that after two hours of stoppage he decided that the conditions did not exist to start the game.

At the same time, he does not refer to any culpability of Panathinaikos, attributing the decision to stop to the doctor’s doubts about Huancar’s condition and in no case to the guests’ decision to leave.

This is what the match sheet for Olympiacos – Panathinaikos says:

“The start of the match was delayed by two minutes, because there was a lot of smoke in the stadium, due to smoke generators lit by the fans of Olympiakos. In the 27th and 29th minutes recommendations were made over the loudspeakers because the Olympiacos fans used lasers on the Panathinaikos players.

In the 49th minute of the second half after Olympiacos had scored, I temporarily stopped the match due to smoke lights lit by Olympiacos fans (the resumption of the match would be a touchline for Olympiacos, on the opposite side of the Olympiacos bench, in the center of the pitch ). During the stoppage of the match, firecrackers were thrown by Olympiakos fans. I have seen that a Panathinaikos player (N. 3 Perez López Juan Carlos – Juancar), who was outside the field, in the warm-up area was on the ground after the noise of firecrackers. After about five minutes of examination, the above footballer, the doctors decided to send him to the doctor’s office and all the players and officials of the Panathinaikos team decided to leave the playing field and return to the locker room.

After that I blew the whistle twice pausing the match, going back to the locker room. A few minutes after returning to the locker room I spoke to the match doctor and he told me that Panathinaikos’ No. 3 player had temporary hearing loss in his left ear from the noise of the firecracker.

In the next 60 minutes, the match doctor visited player n.3 again and told me that his condition had improved, but he still could not stand up according to the player himself. The match doctor was unable to decide whether or not Panathinaikos’ n. 3 was able to compete, with the medical equipment he had on the field. So he started writing the attached statement on 22.10 and signed it 40 minutes later. As both teams were pushing the match doctor to change his decision and as more than two hours had passed since the stoppage, at around 23:05 I contacted the clubs, the Super League observer and the police authority that from on my side, there were no conditions for the race to start again”.

Source: Sport Fm

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