Stayed up in Sevilla and Arsenal took top spot – Missed chance for Lance


Rich emotions were once again reserved for the 2nd group of this year’s Champions League, with Arsenal be the one who smiled at the finale!

In an exciting match that turned into a “thriller” in the final, the “gunners” came away with a great double from “Sanchez Pitjuan”, prevailing 2-1 Sevilla thanks to the goals of the Brazilians, Martinelli and Gabriel Jesus, as a result they climbed to the top of the standings.

The same time, Lance and Eindhoven they stayed at 1-1 in France, with the hosts remaining in second place in the standings.

The third matchday of the 2nd group:

Tuesday, October 24

Sevilla-Arsenal 1-2

(58′ Gudelli – 45+4′ Martinelli, 53′ Jesus)

Lans-Eindhoven 1-1

(65′ Wai – 55′ Bakayoko)

The next (4th) matchday:

Tuesday 08/11

Arsenal-Seville 22:00

Eindhoven-Laens 22:00

The group score:

7th Group


With the excellent atmosphere at “Sanchez Pithuan” as an ally, the Seville entered the match very strongly, having control of the match and threatening first in the 10th minute with Okambos. From the 20th onwards, the Arsenal she revved up by recording her first good effort in the match in the 22nd minute against Jesus. And while the match was leading to the break without the big phase, the “gunners” came in the fourth and last minute of stoppage time to “freeze” the Sevians with Martinelli for 0-1! In particular, Jesus with a brilliant pass brought out the Brazilian midfielder in the counter-attack, who also passed Nyland for the lead of the English.

At the start of the second half, Mikel Arteta’s team took a two-goal lead, “hugging” the double in Spain early on. Specifically, in the first phase of the replay, Gabriel Jesus made it 2-0 with an incredible shot from a wide angle, marking the opposite side of the home team’s goal! Despite the “shock”, Sevilla reacted immediately and re-entered the game five minutes later, when Gudeli nailed a header from Rakitis’ corner to make it 1-2!

In fact, in the 64th minute, the Sevillians almost leveled the match, with his strong shot Mariano Diaz to stop at Raya’s beam! In the last part of the match, Sevilla pressed enough having two big moments in the finale with Diaz’s efforts missing the mark.


Like the game in Spain, so is the one between you Lance and Eindhoven at the “Stade Bollaert-Delely” in France was decided in the second half. After an opening 45 minutes which only featured the Dutch’s 28th minute goal with Lozano, the pace picked up in the replay giving the match an interest. The visitors opened the scoring with a beautiful spot kick Bakayoko into the opposition corner and out of the area in the 58th minute, with the French responding with an incredible aerial display of Wow at 65′!

Source: Sport Fm

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