Omen: Bellingham has the same goal as Cristiano in his first 13 games!


Madrid moves to his rhythm Jude Bellinghamwho has made a legendary start to the season!

The English midfielder scored two goals in the clasico and signed Real’s ‘double’, taking his tally to 13 goals in as many appearances for the ‘queen’.

This number is beyond unimaginable, it is also an omen, which reminds their friends of Madrid perhaps the greatest player to ever wear their team’s jersey. We are of course talking about him Cristiano Ronaldo who in his first 13 matches with Real also had 13 goals!

Yes, O Portuguese superstar had 2 assists along with his goals, while the England midfielder has 3, so we could say he’s done a bit better. Just that there is a comparison in statistics says something about the improbable Bellingham

Source: Sport Fm

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