Athanasiou: “Football spectacle from Panathinaikos – Cosmogony has been achieved under Jovanovic”


Huge progress which allows him to clean the games with characteristic ease this year has noted o Panathinaikos during the days of Ivan Yovanovitch, as commented by Nikos Athanasiou in his “air” News Bulletin 247.

Football extravaganza yesterday on the Avenue, on a very beautiful evening. Ivan Jovanovic’s team has started to cut rates and it shows that the big difference compared to last year is the way. I have… missed last year’s, stressful, that we lived every competition week. The football progress of Panathinaikos is really very big, if we see how it was when it started with Jovanovic and how it is now. Cosmogony has been achieved, when it can make such a big rotation and its image is not just the same, but also better. He will go all the way this year as well. It has a basic body and continuity, which is the most important thing“, were his words.

The reporter of the station emphasized that the games against the small and medium teams are the ones that decide how a team will enter the playoffs and in this case the “clover”.

While Athanasiou pointed out that, when Panathinaikos produces so many phases, in most games it will get what it deserves.

And he made special mention of Sporar’s appearance, characterizing his coexistence with Ioannidis as a blessing for the “greens”, but also in the Mladenovic-Arao skirmish with the intervention… a message sent to them by Jovanovic.

Listen to the audio:

Source: Sport Fm

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