Super League 2 extra-judicial on ERT! – “SOS so we don’t get suspended”


THE Super League 2 came out on the… counterattack on the occasion of the issue of non-payment of the money from her side ERTsending an exodus to state television with him 10 day deadline!

At the same time, the organizing Authority says in its announcement that in the event that ERT does not pay the stipulated and accrued fees, on the one hand, it will take all legal actions, on the other hand the championship will be at risk of a “lockout”…

The relevant announcement in detail:

“The members of Super League 2 during today’s meeting issued an SOS in a year where the league is bereft of revenue from any source and empowered the management to exhaust all means to find financial resources or the league will be suspended due to impotence.

After exhausting every possible means to find a solution, regarding the television rights, he found that ERT S.A. has clearly violated the 19.10.22 contract with SL2 and pretextually refuses to fulfill overdue debts, amounting to 600,000 euros plus VAT, which constitute accrued claim and for this reason will appeal legally and competently.

Additionally, the Board of Directors decided to set a deadline of 10 days to ERT S.A., for the fulfillment of its contractual obligation since it violates a provision of mandatory law (article 25 N4809/2021) which provides that contracts for the exclusive central management of television rights have a minimum duration of three years. Otherwise, it will, through ERT’s fault, terminate the above contract, at the same time requesting compensation for any positive and consequential loss and lost profit as well as for its fault for the deterioration of the reputation of the championship.

The Board of Directors authorized the president of SL2, Mr. Petros Martsoukos to request a meeting with the Minister of Sports, Mr. Vroutsis, in order to settle the above issue of the television contract, which is of key importance for our members as well as the money arising from the taxation of players of games of chance”.

Super League 2: Extra-judicial and 10-day deadline for ERT

Super League 2: Extra-judicial and 10-day deadline for ERT

Source: Sport Fm

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