Bartzokas: Because Mitoglou scored two shots, Milutinov-Fal is not a problem for Olympiakos


His faith in his plan Olympiakoustating that the appearance in the derby with Panathinaikos will be a bad bracket, expressed Giorgos Bartzokas.

THE 58 year old technician he spoke to the journalists shortly before the departure of the “red and white” delegation to Istanbul for the match (2/11, 19:45) with Fenerbahce and referred to the recent match at SEF, but also afterwards.

What he said in detail

On the derby loss:We don’t feel good when we lose. Always for Olympiakos, victory is the goal. Our program is one with many and difficult obligations. We have to focus on the next game».

For the match with Fenerbahce:It is clear that this is a team with talent and quality. He has a good record in the Euroleague and we have to play very well to win it. At least much better than the day before yesterday (including the match with Panathinaikos)».

On whether last year’s playoffs will play a role:I think no. I think they will have nothing to do with each other. They are different teams and a different era. It doesn’t matter what happened last year. It is always difficult to play there with a difficult atmosphere. Basketball always counts and if you play well you will win».

On what Olympiacos should present to Turkey:All the small and necessary things needed to win a game. The rebounds, not making mistakes, having good options, playing as a team, being tough, getting the 50-50 balls. All these are very important in basketball. And there is always a decision involved if the game is close. You never know how the game will turn out. We believe that we are slowly playing better. I think yesterday’s game was a bracket. It was a lot of things we had to manage inside and outside the team. We had a good performance against Efes in the previous match and you can see the results in the Euroleague. Maccabi won in Milan yesterday. There is no stability in what to expect from each team and it is normal because of Mundobasket, the many injured because of the schedule which is very heavy. You have to work every day and improve».

On the fact that Fener’s centers shoot from afar, like Mitoglou:Just because Mitoglou scored two shots does not mean that Olympiacos has a problem with Fal and Milutinov. It clearly creates a situation when a tall man shoots from outside, something that also exists in the NBA with the stretch-5, but we also have our own possibilities. To face us in the basket».

Source: Sport Fm

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