Nikologiannis: “He is very suspicious, Panathinaikos will play… the final in Lamia”


The latest news ahead of the match in Lamia, but also what… should he do Panathinaikos to get it, Tasos Nikologiannis transferred to News Bulletin 247.

There is no contingency for Lamia, if Vilena comes in, he will be available but even so Cerin will play. Jovanovic has told the players that it is a very difficult game. Lamia is better than last year, but also last year when Panathinaikos won, they faced them very hard. We expect the same to happen this year. Panathinaikos had even released an announcement about Fotias, after the match. The game had injuries and he had not met the disciplinary check. He has to be 100% focused to win the match. In no case should he lose the games with the small and medium teams he has from now on. Panathinaikos goes very suspicious, goes to play a final. It’s good that he will be fresh“, he said.

The reporter of the station emphasized that he will play a very big role for the “clover”. result at Brittanyin regards to first two places of the group.

While Nikologiannis also referred to Panathinaikos’ announcement to his team, in order not to travel to Fthiotidaexplaining the reasons.

Listen to the audio:

Source: Sport Fm

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