Dabrauskas: “Olympiacos is the best team in Greece”


He called it the best team in Greece Olympic the OFI technician, Valdas Dabrauskas.

The Lithuanian commented to the journalists who cover the report of the Cretans about his team’s defeat by the “red and whites”, while he also referred to the Bakic, Felipe.

His statements in detail:

Explaining OFI’s poor performance against Olympiakos?

“Because it’s Olympiacos, at the moment I think it’s the best team in Greece and your appearance and image depends on how your opponent plays. In the previous games we didn’t concede a goal and as long as that happens then you also have the opportunity to find spaces. Olympiacos, although we started well in the game, scored in the first quarter and it is difficult because they played very easily, they gave us much less space compared to the previous games and I think this has been happening for quite some time since I came to OFI.

After Olympiakos’ goal, we had possession of the ball in the second half and that shows you how smart they played. In the second half we didn’t have the necessary quality to break down their defence, they were very good on the counter-attack, they gave us possession of the ball, in terms of fitness we were very good but that doesn’t mean that if you run a lot, you will play well ».

After the departure of Bakits and the entry of Luiz Felipe, OFI did not have any creators to create opportunities towards Olympiakos’ goal.

“I think that in the first half we passed several balls to our attackers, but the Olympiakos defenders were better than them. Even when they got the ball, they were very aggressive in phases and we couldn’t keep it.

If you remember last season, I received a lot of criticism for playing one and not the other and now we see that every game requires a different tactic. In some games you need a defender, in another you need an attacker and so on. You saw that in the game against Olympiakos, Gagegos came out, who is more of a blocking midfielder, and Toral and Riera came into the game, but we were less creative and did not create phases.”

Are you worried about OFI’s two appearances with Olympiakos and Kifisia?

“Do we need to define what bad play means? This phrase needs a definition. We created expectations and when Olympiacos came we had the belief that we could win. I’m not worried because the next game is about a completely different opponent, a completely different plan. If I start worrying only about the previous game, will I be a good coach if I don’t prepare the team properly for the next one? Now we have to focus on the next game.

With Kifissia, we did not perform well, we all agree on that, especially based on the conditions of the match, we missed a penalty, we played with one player more but still we cannot say that everything is black and negative. What if there was a penalty shootout with Kifissia and we had two more points and then we didn’t beat Olympiakos? Oh, that’s okay. In this league, it goes at such a pace that it can be a moment if you get three or four consecutive wins and go high. I honestly can’t paint them all black. Because that’s not the case.

Every win gives you three points and lifts you up, a draw keeps you stable, this can happen with a loss too. Yes, we have completely different expectations and we feel down because we lost points in games like those against Lamia and Panaitolikos but you have to look ahead and try to win the next game.”

Source: Sport Fm

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