Gattuso on Grosso: “We need stricter laws, like the ones that Thatcher introduced”


Statements about his serious injury Fabio Grosso conceded his former teammate in the Italian national team and current coach of Marseille, Gennaro Gattuso.

The Marseille technician wanted to Disassociate the fans of his team from those who made the incidents, condemning the event, while stressing that there should be more security measures and stricter laws, giving as an example the Margaret Thatcher, which eliminated hooliganism from English pitches.

“I’m saddened by what happened because I have an amazing relationship with Fabio, we shared something unique as footballers (including winning the World Cup with Italy) and Sunday should have been an incredible night.

I also spoke to him of his luck, for if the stone had hit him more fully in the eye, he might even have lost it. I saw small children crying and the majority of our fans were angry. None of them are represented by three, four people who ruined everything.

At first I didn’t see that Fabio was injured, it seemed that he was fine with 3-4 stitches and that it wasn’t anything serious. After what I saw, I think it’s right that the match didn’t take place. I don’t want to give lessons, I’m neither mayor nor prefect,” the Italian coach initially said.

“But the Lyon hotel was five minutes away from the stadium. The match was high risk, the road should be closed for those five minutes. Maybe what I say is easy in words and not done in practice but this is what I believe.

We always talk about Margaret Thatcher who eradicated hooliganism in England. We need stricter laws. They should exist at the European level, but not after certain things happen, but before.” were his words Gattuso.

Source: Sport Fm

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