Qualification via penalty for Sassuolo and now… Atalanta-Qualification for Frosinone as well


In the “16” of the Italian Cup, Sassuolo! The “Neroverdi” even though they had complete control of the game and constantly threatened their goal Speziathey failed to find the goal earlier and were forced to go to the penalty shootout.

Where they prevailed with 5-4 of his team Massimiliano Alvini and they passed to the next phase of the competition, where they will face the Atalanta.

It should be noted that the finals made by Sassuolo in the match were 36 and he already had 17 corners which he failed to take advantage of. Somehow the match was led to extension, where neither team managed to find a goal. And so inevitably came Russian Roulette.

THE Morro he was the only one who failed on her behalf Speziawith its 5 executors Sassuolo to find nets and give qualification to their team.

After an exciting match, Frosinone won 2-1 in extra time (1-1 draw) in Torino against the “Granata” and qualified for the “16”. Ibrahimovic made it 0-1 in the 7th minute before Zima equalized in the 31st minute. In the extra half hour, the VAR took back a Piedmontese penalty, Rainier made it 1-2 in the 98th minute and Torino had a goal in the next phase without changing anything until the finale.

Source: Sport Fm

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