Good… 2024: In January the next derby, the rating of the “four” in the matches between them!


Derby… end for the time being – in the league! With the match of Olympiakos against PAOK at “G. Karaiskakis” and the big win of the “double head of the North”, the derbies between them were completed four in the first round of the Super League!

In short, everyone played with everyone:

– AEK with Olympiakos in New Philadelphia, with the game ending in a draw (1-1),

– Panathinaikos with AEK, with “Enos” leaving with the victory (1-2) from the Leoforos stadium,

– Panathinaikos with PAOK, with the match remaining at 2-2 at “Apostolos Nikolaidis”,

– Olympiacos against Panathinaikos, with the “greens” winning on paper with a score of 3-0 and waiting for the decision of Ephesus,

– AEK and PAOK at OPAP Arena, with the “yellow and black” comfortably prevailing (2-0),

– and Olympiacos with PAOK, with Razvan Lucescu’s team celebrating a historic victory in Faliro.

Given, then, that beyond the matches in the second round, they will rematch in the playoffswhere it is possible that this year’s title will be judged again, it is interesting to see how the special score is formed of the “four” in the matches between them. Based on the above, AEK is first with 7 points, PAOK “caught” Panathinaikos in second place with 4 and Olympiacos is last with 1.

The rating of the “four” in the derby



Panathinaikos 4

Olympiakos 1

It should be noted that his next derby Big 4 now it’s the… new Year! Specifically – and if, of course, nothing changes with the dates – on January 3, 2024 there is a packed matchday, with Olympiakos welcoming AEK, which a few days later will host Panathinaikos (07/01). On January 21st, Panathinaikos goes to Toumba, on the 27th of the same month we have the derby of the “eternals” at Leoforo, on February 3rd PAOK-AEK and on the 10th, a week later, PAOK-Olympiakos. The “two-headed man of the North”, as it is understood, has all derbies at home in the second round.

However, we will have one more derby in 2023, but in the Greek Cupwith Panathinaikos welcoming Olympiakos in the first match between them for the “16” phase of the institution, probably on Wednesday, December 5.

Source: Sport Fm

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