Platha: “Above all, I’m interested in winning in the way we’ve chosen to go”


To win, but with her own racing philosophy! This is his goal Joan Platha for AEK BETSSON BC in view of (and) the away match with Szczecinon Wednesday (8/11, 19:30), as he emphasized in his statements before the match.

First of all, I am very satisfied with the way our training went this week. Next, we know in advance how difficult the match will be in Poland, as our opponents are on a negative three-game losing streak, which makes them more “hungry”. King Szczecin is a team that has a lot of talent, both as a team and individually. We saw it in practice too, as he beat Sassari while giving Ludwigsburg a hard time. Therefore, we too will have to be serious if we want to leave with the victory.

What interests me is above all to win in the way we have chosen to proceed. I’m interested in that, more than getting a simple win. We know what a possible win in the group means, however, what matters most in my mind is how we achieve it. If we manage to win, then everyone will be talking about our chances of qualifying for the next stage of the competition, which I don’t like at all, as I want us not to qualify“, said the Spanish technician.

Source: Sport Fm

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