Bartzokas: “We are looking at the market, but I will not… sell my players – Angelopoulos have not spoiled me”


Just in case reinforcement of Olympiakou answered in a characteristic way o George Bartzokas.

In the context of the “red and white” media day, the Greek technician declared that he was determined to support the existing roster, clearly emphasizing that “will not… to sell my players”.

He admitted however that the team looks at the market for reinforcement and after setting as necessary condition of being a player classreminded that the Angelopoulos brothers they never spoiled him.

What Bartzokas said in detail

For Baskonia: “The change of coach has changed the intensity they play in defense. They go for a lot of possessions on offense and run in transition. They are a team without much rotation, but they have a peculiar style of play. We have to match the intensity they play and not put the ball in their hands.”

For the injured: “Sikma has started and is running normally and from Monday I think he will join the team training sessions. It’s not a serious Milutinov thing, but it needs treatment and rest. There is no rest in our schedule and we will try to manage it. He is doubtful for the match against Baskonia.”

For Transcriptology: “The journalists wrote that they need two players. In our district, McKissick will return. In the district we will have +1 player compared to last year’s team, Brazdeikis. How am I going to make use of all these players? How will this thing be done?

We agreed with the presidents that when the team comes in and plays, the picture will show us if it hurts somewhere. We don’t have the full picture with the constant injuries. Our team had 7 players at the Worlds who are overworked. The conditions forced us to look at the market. We have to look at the level of our team. In order for someone to make the team better, they have to be top class.

Presidents have never spoiled me. I support my players who have won titles. I will not… sell my players, such as McKissick who helped a lot and is now out with injury. All these megaton bombs as mentioned, I want you to see what they have to offer in their team. Who will come to Olympiacos and make it better? We proved that we have a good criterion for staffing the team. We will probably make a move when we believe that a transfer will help us.”

Source: Sport Fm

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