Return to victories for Peristeri – Paleo Faliro with… buzzer beater


Paleo Faliro beat PAOK 8-7, getting a great victory. A victory that came with a goal in the last second of the match, after Nikos Karakasis scored in… stoppage time and decided the match.

The home team had been in front of the score and with 7-4, but the players of the North Doubleheader, with a continuous counter-attack, had managed to equalize at 7-7.

Eight minutes: 3-1, 1-2, 3-2, 1-2.

OLD FALIRO (Kostas Vamvakaris): Koumis, Galanis, Oguzchan 3, Papadimitriou, Floros, Karakasis 3, Pavicits 2, Sarros, Dimakopoulos, Kalis, Kypraios, Kontonis, Flegas, Vassos, Lebesis.

PAOK DOMUS ERGO (Thodoris Hatzitheodorou): Aivaliotis, Tsioumas, Laskaridis, Prosiniklis N., Kapragos 1, Kehalaris, Tsolakoudis, Xylas, Delitz 2, Prosiniklis P. 2, Kupman 2, Kougiounis, Siordilis, Saleh, Karatzas.

Peristeri – Chios 15-8

Back to the wins for the Dove! A few days after the defeats by Apollon Smyrnis and Olympiakos, the Dove prevailed comfortably 15-8 over Chios and stabilizes in 3rd place in the A’ group of men’s polo.

Somehow, the team of Kostas Loudis reached 16 points, while that of Makis Voltyrakis remained at 3.

From the beginning, Peristeri entered strongly and cleaned up the match, taking a big lead from the start. Angelos Foskolos, who scored five goals and is his team’s top scorer, was the absolute protagonist, while Andreas Bitsakos added four.

Eight minutes: 2-1, 5-1, 3-4, 5-2.

GS PERISTERIOU (Kostas Loudis): Anagnostou, Bitsakos Chr. 1, Papadimitriou, Prekas 1, Chrysospathis 2, Koukoumakis, Atzits, Karuntzos, Foskolos 5, Beristianos 1, Torakis 1, Bitsakos And. 4, Holland, Mastrogiannakos, Aleuridis.

NO CHIOU (Makis Voltyrakis): Karakouros I., Mimidis 1, Tsikovani, Karakouros M., Kalargyros, Kotsabas, Gagoulis 2, Pantazopoulos 1, Maroulas, Ambazis 3, Agiorgousis 1, Giannaras.

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