Nestoridis from the ambulance: “In the second half we will beat them”


His mind in AEK Kostas Nestoridis had, despite the pain after the accident he had on Thursday night (09/11).

The son of the “double-headed” legend informed about the state of his father’s health, who fell down the stairs of his house and hit his head and hand.

However, as he mentioned, at the time of his transfer to the Janeio hospital by ambulance, when he learned that AEK was behind in the score in the match against Marseille, despite the strong points, he commented on the development.

When the ambulance took him, the driver told him, Mr. Kostas, We are losing 1-0… then he came back even though he was in pain all over his body… and told him in the second half we will beat them…!!!“, George Nestoridis characteristically wrote and added:

Good morning and thank you for your interest in my Father’s health..!! Unfortunately I cannot answer the hundreds of messages of love and wishes….Last night he had an accident..he fell from the stairs of the house…he hit his head and front and back…as well as his left hand. .and of course his whole body… The X-ray on the head was good as well as the chest x-ray… The ultrasound of the upper lower abdomen was not clear… We hope everything goes well. .. Thank you again and be well.!! I would like to thank all the doctors and nurses of the Janeio Piraeus Hospital for all their efforts…!!».

Source: Sport Fm

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