Mavericks announcer sues Harden: ‘You’re not the system, you’re the problem’


His course has started in a negative way James Harden to the Clipperssince the LA team has three losses in as many games that the “bearded” has played.

The last defeat came at their hands Dallas Mavericks with a score of 144-126. After the match, the announcer of the Texans’ games and also a former executive in their administration, “judged” the Harden for the negative behavior he displayed, stressing that he himself is the problem, and not his former teams, whom he blamed.

In fact, he referred to the attack launched by the veteran guard on Daryl Moreypointing out how “Every night I pray that someone will believe in me like Daryl Morey believed in you.”

What he said in detail:

“James, I hope you’re taking notes. I’m telling you in advance please, about the wisdom I’m about to spew. Because listen, I get down on my knees every night and pray for someone to believe in me like Daryl Morey believed in you. You wanted a specific coach, the Houston Rockets brought in Mike D’Antoni. You wanted to play a certain style, they played it. You wanted Dwight Howard, they brought him in and got rid of him when you got tired of him.

You wanted Chris Paul, they brought him in and got rid of him when you got tired of him. They brought in your old friend Russell Westbrook. Wanted to go out in Vegas on your day off? They ignored it. You wanted the group to stay there so you could go out at night, they changed the schedule – and it didn’t work.

And then you thought “I see the bright lights of New York. I want to go there. With my old friend Kevin Durant. It’ll work, the big three” – and after a year you wanted to leave again.

Then you realized “Oh my God! I took this guy for granted, the guy who believed in me. I want Daryl Morey back.” They traded Ben Simmons for you, how did they do that? And you know what? You went there and had a teammate who got the MVP. He won the MVP and what did you say next? You said, “they didn’t give me the reins”. You are the point guard! You held the reins! And what did you do when you had the reins? You put up 9 points in Game 7 against Boston, blowing a 3-2 lead. So they fired their coach, who you thought wasn’t good enough.

You broke up with the guy who believed in you again, you said “the bright lights of Los Angeles! that’s where I want to go! Let’s see if this works”. Listen James, have you ever had those friends who had bad roommates? Again and again they complained about their bad roommates: “this guy is terrible”, “the bad roommate here”. But they never thought to realize enough that they themselves are the bad roommate! They are the problem!

Dude James, YOU ARE THE PROBLEM! If that doesn’t work this year, in this system, with this team, then you’re going to go and point the finger at everybody else, and then you’re going to go home and start asking to go to another team, and there won’t be anyone left .

Because James, you’re not the system, you’re the problem.”

Source: Sport Fm

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