Big crack from James to Messina for the case of Pangos!


A terrible outburst against him Ettore Messina did the Mike James on Twitter, on the occasion of her coach’s statements Armani Milano for Kevin Pangos!

Her guard Monaco the… he lost big to the experienced coach, stressing that the mediocre image of the Italian champions is solely due to him, for the wrong way he has firstly built his roster and secondly for the way he utilizes his players!

Blaming a point guard who has been in the EuroLeague for years and has performed at a high level for only five games in one season and not look in the mirror and admit that you have built a terrible roster is the biggest slander I have heard“, the American guard said in his “tweet” and continued:

He has the best “4” of the era (s.s. Mirotic), puts him in the “3” and basically plays without a “5”, but let’s blame it all on Kevin Pangos».

Source: Sport Fm

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