Andzielski saved Atromitos in the 94th minute from Panseraikos!


He took the bite out of his mouth Panseraikou The Fearless. The “lions” found themselves one breath away from their first “double” of the season, which slipped away thanks to a goal by Angelski with a header at 90’+4′.

The guests they had preceded at 40′ with his goal Hadzistravouthey managed to “lock” the promoted Peristeriotes for the most part of the match, but despite the positive result, at the end they have a bitter taste.

In the coach’s mind

With 4-3-3 Ilyich ordered Fearless. Tsintotas was in goal, Tzavellas and Acevedo in the center of the defense, with Keshrida and De Bock as the backs. Ender, Fridjosson and Kute the midfielders, with Robbie and Kamara on the “wings” and Valencia at the top of the attack.

With something like 4-4-1-1 the Panseraikos. Hovan in goal, Bergström and Avlonitis in goal, Dunkerlouis and Peleas in the backs, while Petavrakis, Moreira, Ouedraogo, Hatzistravos were the quartet in midfield. Masaripov flanked Alexych.

The match

From the start it looked like we were going to have a tight game. It was confirmed afterwards, with the pace being slow and the phases in front of the goals of both teams few, while there were also several incomplete attempts. In this way, the two teams warmed up in the 5th minute, when Aleksic found himself dangerously on the edge of the area, but the defense of Atromitos cut him off, while then Robay stepped into the other area after De Bock’s ball and took the corner.

In the 9th minute Kamara caught a shot outside the area, with Hovan on hand. Aleksic’s visit to the opponent’s area in the 11th minute could have brought something good for Panserraikos, but the shot from a lateral position was… sloppy and the ball went wide. The several markings, the slow tempo and the several tensions did not allow a good game to be played.

The match had some outbursts, which kept the interest hot. As happened midway through the half. A steal by Atromitos opened up a dangerous counter-attack in the 21st minute, with Romaille distributing verticals for Valencia, but Hovan caught and collected, while there was also Fridjonsson’s choice on the right.

In the next minute, Panserraikos found the net, but not the goal. Avlonitis headed in, Aleksic failed to curl in before Bergström sent the ball into the net from close range. Katikos gave a foul on the scissors, the VAR called him and in the end found that Hatzistravos had made a hand. The essence remained the same, since he did not count the goal in the 22nd minute.

There followed an interval with zero substance and the only suspicion of phase was the turn of Kamaras from the left, which was cut by Avlonitis in the 36th minute. Panseraikos found the goal in the 40th minute, when Aleksic stole from Koude and passed to Masaripov who maneuvered and gave the right moment to Hadjistravos who executed perfectly for 0-1.

Super League: Atromitos-Panserraikos 1-1

Before the celebrations stopped for both, but also before Atromitos understood how he got the damage, it almost became 0-2 with the same protagonist. Hadjistravos went to the counter. In stoppage time, Atromitos came close to equalizing, with Acevedo making the turn and De Bock sending the ball to the bodies from the edge of the small area.

The scene was similar in the second half and, to be precise, even closer to Panserraikos, who blocked the hosts for a long time, who were now playing with two attackers in the area. In fact, he also had the first good phase after the break, reaching one breath from 0-2. Ouedraogo with an excellent ball at the back of the defense found Aleksic, who stepped into the area, found himself face to face with Tsintotas, executed, but the Greek goalkeeper drove away with his left foot for a corner in the 54th minute.

Atromitos threatened in the 61st minute with Koude filling in and Acevedo who was in a good position not reaching the ball. For a considerable period of time, Atromitos seemed trapped and unable to gain ground. Pasnerraikos did it in the 73rd minute with Tomas’ header, which went just wide and was then ruled offside in a borderline phase. If he had entered, the decision would probably have been changed via VAR.

In the 84th minute, Atromitos had one of its best moments, with Kamara carrying the ball, finding Panserraikos high, but the pass made for Jubitana was strong, as a result of which the home team’s ace went wide.

The last word of the match belonged to Atromitos, with Dirks making a nice cross for Andzielski who beat the visitors’ defense and Hovan with a header at 90’+4′.

Super League: Atromitos-Panserraikos 1-1

The film of the match via

MVP: With the turn of the match, the title rightfully goes to Andielski, who shaped the result, in a match in which his team had been hustling for good.

Whistle: In the canceled goal of Panserraikos, Katikos discovers a foul by Aleksic who makes a scissors kick, but in the end he sees through VAR that there is a hand of Hadjistravos. The essence would be the same, but he is “saved” by the second offense Just before his equaliser, Atromitos shouts for a penalty to Tzavella. There is inside the area, but from the replay that was given it looked easy to fall the experienced defender.. The game was difficult to manage due to the hard play and tensions. No fault can be attributed to the referee, but he also did not help to keep the pace of the match tolerable, which was irritating at times.

Fearless (Sasha Ilitch): Tsintotas – Keshrida, Acevedo, Xavellas, De Bok – Ender, Fridjosson (46′ Angelski), Cude (74′ Kuen) – Robaille (74′ Jubitana), Camara (87′ Dirks), Valencia

Left on the bench were: Marketzani, Athanasiou, Tsakmakis, Erlingmark, Kivrakidis

Panserraikos (Pablo Garcia): Hovan – Dankerlouis, Bergstrom, Avlonitis, Peleas (80′ Deligiannidis) – Petaurakis, Moreira, Ouedraogo, Hadjistravos (89′ Colombino), – Masaripov (60′ Tomas), Alexis

On the guest bench: Katsikas,, Mourgos, Thymianis, Sofianos, Gotzamanidis, Maskanakis

Source: Sport Fm

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