Fortounis: “The National chapter is closed – If I am called I will not be available”


The statements of Kostas Fortounis in detail after the victory of Olympiakos in Tripoli:

On how he feels since the start of the season: “I feel very good since the beginning of the season, I help my team on the pitch, I take initiatives, I like to have the ball at my feet. The national team is another part, which is over for me”.

To celebrate: “It was my pleasure, I didn’t want to celebrate too much, against my former team, so I raised my hands.”

For the difficulties of the championship: “There are many groups, which one can get lost in. We beat a tough team, the other teams also win tough. The league has improved, I hope good players come, football improves, we and the world rejoice”.

On whether he has thought that he will be the captain when Olympiacos turns 100 years old: “I definitely have that in mind, when I wear the team armband I look to do my best, to be a leader and off the field, I want to make my teammates better.”

Regarding his end from the National Team: “I have nothing to say, for me the chapter is closed, I don’t want to refer to anything. The national team has now looked its way. Once I made the decision to stop, it’s not about if things change, if I’m called I won’t be available. It’s a conscious decision, I talked to my family.”

Source: Sport Fm

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