Pineda: “I’m fulfilling my dreams at AEK – I want to achieve more in the Europa League”


How good it feels to live in Hellas and plays in AEK once again described by Orbelin Pineda.

Speaking to “Azteca TV”, the Mexican said excited from what he and his family experienced in his dream season last year double.

So he emphasized that he is carrying out the dreams of playing in European competitions and declared himself determined to succeed more things with “Union” in them.

What Pineda said in detail

For the past year, during which he stood out competitively: “The truth is, it’s been an amazing year. Everything I experienced this time with my family and my people. Surely the reward is not only for me, but for everyone, the fact that I am making my dreams come true.”

On whether the decision to try his luck in Europe was worth it: “Sure at first it was difficult to leave my country to go to Europe, but in the end the reward I got was worth the effort and sacrifices. I worked and am working hard to improve as a person and as a football player and all my work shows in the titles, team and individual. And now it’s very nice to participate in a European event.”

For the fact that he participates with AEK in a European competition with opposing teams that have won European titles: “I remember the moment when I heard the Champions League anthem and you think so much at that time. You dream it, you see it on TV and finally you live it. I have achieved what I want and I want to continue for even more things in the Champions League, the Europa League. Playing against teams like Marseille, Ajax means you’ve leveled up and you can compete with great players and great teams.”

Source: Sport Fm

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