Maccabi survived the thriller against Fener!


The match

After the first very balanced minutes, where the match had the form of a derby, gradually the visitors started to find a rhythm with their protagonists Wilbekin and Biberovich. When Hayes joined the… dance, the lead began to slip away, with 10-10 quickly becoming 12-21 for the Lantern. With his three-pointer Wilbekin the lead of the Turks became double digits (14-24), while Motley scored 17-28 with shots. Maccabi closed the first period with four consecutive shots by Webb and Blatt, for the final 21-28.

In the second quarter, Maccabi started to get some reaction with their protagonists Web and Rivero. Quickly, 21-28 became 30-30 with his basket Sorkinbut the Biberovich had a reaction and made consecutive three-pointers for 32-36. Somehow, Fener recovered their rhythm and pushed the lead back into double digits, with Hayes making it 32-43. Two of his three-pointers Brown and one of his Dorsey brought the final 38-46 of the half.

In the second part, Maccabi came back strong and cut it to 4 with Colson scoring 7 straight points (45-49). Motley and Wilbekin they temporarily restored Fener’s significant lead (45-54), but the Israelis started to find a rhythm and “gnawed” the difference, reducing it to 56-57 with Cleveland. This score was maintained until the end of the third period.

In the last period, his team Oded Katas he wanted to take the lead and he succeeded Baldwin and Sorkin, reaching 66-64. With Webb taking the baton, the score became 70-64, but the Lantern responded with a streak of her own, pulling off one defense after another and tying the game at 72-72 with a 3-pointer by Wilbekin! Colson made a big basket for 74-72, while Wilbekin missed a crucial shot at 74-73. THE Baldwin he did not fall into the same trap and wrote 76-73 with 2/2. Wilbekin missed a difficult tying three-pointer and Maccabi took the win with a score of 78-73.

The quarters: 21-28, 38-46, 56-57, 78-73

Detailed match statistics here

Source: Sport Fm

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