Daniil on bwinSPORT FM: “Panathinaikos-Olympiakos on 5/12 for nothing – Why can it only take place on 6/12”


Her position EPO regarding the issue that has arisen with its conduct Panathinaikos-Olympiakos in the Greek Cup clarified to News Bulletin 247 The Angel Daniel.

Speaking on their show Vaio Tsoutsikas-Tasos Nikologiannisexplained why they haven’t no base the game defining scenarios on December 5th.

So confirm the information conveyed earlier by Tasos Nikologiannis that the federation considers one way the match to take place on 6 of the month and underlined that currently there is none update or reaction of the Police for such an eventuality.

What Angel Daniel said in detail

For the scenario of the derby on 5/12: “I guess we’re talking for no reason. What I am reading is nonsense. What was written about the date of 5/12 really surprises me. Misinformation in Greece is very big on many subjects. The calendar is always formed in agreement with the Stoiximan Super League. We serve the league and put matches on the empty dates. EPO never arbitrarily defines games.

The second process is done with the channel, the times are approved and the teams are always updated. To get to the point, Panathinaikos-Olympiakos will never take place on December 5th. It will take place on the 6th because it is right in between the previous and the next obligations of the teams”.

Regarding the possibility that the Police will raise objections due to the anniversary of Grigoropoulos’ murder and Erdogan’s visit: “I can’t say because I don’t have a picture or an update. So are we now saying that a match cannot be played with fans of only one team, because there will be a march on the same day? Be that as it may, we have no information, so I cannot speak hypothetically, nor advance anything.”

For when Panathinaikos-Olympiakos can be set if it does not take place on December 6: “The program is very tight, so there will be only two solutions. Either in the break, or it will have to be transferred to a date which, seeing the European perspective of the teams, may be very far away. The only thing certain is that the EPO will never make any decision if the groups are not in agreement. We want to help because the representation of the teams in Europe and the obligations in the championship come first. We want to facilitate the program and not burden it.”

For where the Cup final will take place: “Since our best stadium (s.s. OAKA) is outside, the options are specific. They are the Pancretian, the Panthessalian and the Pampeloponnesian. We will know by December 20th».

Source: Sport Fm

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