Terrible victory with an upset against Portugal for Greece and… strong in the bay for the Euro!


Exasperated National Hopecame hard into the bay for his qualification EuroU21 2025!

His team Nikos Papadopoulos prevailed with her 2-1 Portugal for the 5th matchday of the qualifiers, in a match that was behind in the score, but made a tremendous turnaround and took a decisive step for the final phase of the competition.

In particular, our representative group rose to second place with 11 points, surpassing it Croatian, which, however, has two games less. On the other hand, Portugal remained at the top of the group with 12 points.

Let’s remember here that the top of each group, as well as the top three runners-up, advance directly to the final stage. The remaining six runners-up will compete in the play-offs for the last three tickets.

In the match, the guests took advantage of their good moment in the 30th minute and opened the scoring. THE Conceição he made a very beautiful move and sent the ball into his net with an amazing right shot Tzolakis for 1-0.

The national team responded immediately, since a few seconds later, Darelas saw good in the Jolie in the area, who leveled the game at 1-1 with a spot kick.

In the second half, Nikos Papadopoulos’ team stepped in with their foot on the gas and took the lead. In the 50′, Kitsos went up the side excellently, turned to Panagidiswith the Aris player making it 2-1 with an excellent finish.

The national team threatened Darela and Niarcho a few minutes later, however, she failed to find the third goal that would have sealed her victory. Despite this, they kept the score until the end and cruised to a big win that boosts their chances of qualifying for EuroU21.

Source: Sport Fm

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