Pique: “Barcelona took five Champions Leagues as dominant, Real were no better than any opponent in 2022”


After the reactions he caused with his recent statements regarding the Real Madrid and the last Champions League victoryThe Gerard Pique tried to explain exactly what he meant.

As he said, “I didn’t want to diminish anything. Whoever does not want to understand, will not understand. I come from Barcelona, ​​where the game is very important. Being superior. In all five Champions Leagues it won, it was better and also took the championship in Spain.

The last time Real Madrid took it, it was clear that in all the knock-outs they were never better than their opponents, and also in the final.

To explain. Real will not be remembered for their football but for other things, the epic upsets. But that’s enough for them, it’s the importance of the team, with five good minutes they were able to make the upset with City.

“Barcelona will never go through the knockout round because they were better for five minutes.”

It is recalled that the Madrid team celebrated their 14th cup with big ears in Paris a year and a half ago, defeating Liverpool 1-0, in a match where Courtois had played.

Source: Sport Fm

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