Dambizas to bwinSPORT FM 94.6: “If we go to the finals, football logic says that Poget should stay in the National Team”!


A few hours before the kick-off in the big – albeit indifferent in terms of points – game of our National Team against France at the OPAP Arena (21/11, 21:45)The Nikos Dabizas talk to News Bulletin 247 and Kyriakos Thomaidis for this last match of the “blue and white” in the Euro qualifiers. THE 2004 European champion referred to the match, but, of course, also to the great, until the next, game against Kazakhstan, in March, but also to the subject of Gustavo Poget.

For the Uruguayan technician, in particular, he said that “there was a communication breakdown. He has the peculiarity of ending his contract on a completely strange date. These issues should concern the EPO internally and not go outside. Let suffering become lessons». And he clarified what should be done if the National Team gets the qualification in the finals of Germany: “You can’t go for a change of coach if we qualify for the Euro! Unless there is a huge internal issue. The normal thing is to continue with him. Football logic says you continue with Poget».

From then on, for the game against Kazakhstan in March, he emphasized: “Greece on paper is the favourite, but that also creates one greater psychological burden. We must be as ready as possible to face the special circumstances that we will face. We have a mission to complete, we are the favorites and it is a first-class opportunity to be in the finals in Germany. The last five years the little ones, the very little ones, from the third shelf of football, have gone up. Distances used to be chaotic, in relation to the middle class of football, to which we belong. These distances do not exist today. We see Kazakhstan, Luxembourg, Georgia, who have a player, in fact, in the top three in the world in his position. The little ones have grown up, we have to respect them and respond».

Listen in detail what he said about tonight’s game, but also how he commented on the 14 goals of the French in Gibraltar.

Source: Sport Fm

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