Dillon Brooks: ‘Grizzlies have no magic, they’ll remember me as… their old girlfriend’


THE Dillon Brooks he is one of the most… strange people in the NBA.

The Canadian guard/forward has great potential, but often draws the spotlight on him for error reasons, either because he is fighting with an opponent, or because he is making some vulgar or insulting statement.

These constant problems he created brought about his removal from the Memphishowever at Rockets he plays excellently, helping the team level up. In fact, he showed through his statements that he still “holds a grudge” against the Grizzlies, for the way in which they kicked him out.

In detail what he said:

“To the Grizzlies, I’m like that old girlfriend you had. You don’t know how good she is until she’s gone. I don’t worry about the past. I’m here building a future with these kids. I’m here for another three years at least. I want to help the Rockets get back to the playoffs and be one of the best teams.

You can see, Grizzlies have no magic. We have optimism. We have an identity that we are building. In every game, we show it more and more. This is what I want for my team. That’s what I want for every guy on the floor, to play his best basketball.”

Source: Sport Fm

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