PAOK and Treimanis brought … Toumba to Panathinaikos!


In the… minds of coaches:

PAOK lined up with a system 4-2-3-1, Paschalakis at home and Sastre, Ingason, Michailidis and Vierinia at the back. Tsingaras and Kurtic were the central midfielders, with Zivkovic, Augusto and Murg composing the treble behind Zolak, who was the center forward.

Panathinaikos, on the other hand, “came down” having as its formation 4-3-3 and Brinoli under the goalposts, while Sanchez, Senkefeld Veleth and Juankar were the four in defense. Ruben Pereth, Ludkvist and Alexandropoulos played on the axis, with Palacios-Aitor playing at the ends and Ioannidis the only forward.

The match:

Panathinaikos was happy to start the derby in the best way. With goals from the… locker rooms and even after a “fight”, both for the first time this year in the championship!

When, from a foul and a pass by Ruben Pereth for Palacios at the right time, the Argentine winger stepped on an area, emptied Zivkovic and “executed” Paschalakis, for 0-1 in 6 ‘.

The plan of the “greens” included pressure in the midfield so that the opponent could not “spread” his game and direct contact with the ball to “hit” some opponents. Something that actually happened next.

With the hosts taking possession of the ball, but not finding corridors to Briniooli’s home. While they could be back in the score with 0-2, if Aitor had not wasted the very nice ball of Veleth for Palacios who passed to the Spanish midfielder afterwards, due to… crooked, in 16 ‘…

We had to reach the 25th minute to record the first good moment of PAOK, with Murg taking a nice cross from the left, Tsolak taking the head from Juankar, but the ball stopped at the crossbar of Brinoli’s goal!

Three minutes later, Panathinaikos “answered”, with the “fish” head of Sanchez from the foul of Ruben Pereth, but Paschalakis… leveled off and repulsed impressively.


In fact, in the course of the phase, Tsigaras drove the ball, but he slipped and found the back of Aitor’s foot, which was inside the area. Referee Treimanis made an on field review, at the suggestion of the VAR, however he did not attribute the penalty!


This was followed by several breaks, which slowed down the pace, with the “black and whites” in control, but continuing to lag behind in ideas and creation.

From such, “crazy”, they came close to equalizing in the first of a total of λεπ nine minutes late in the first half. When the unmarked Tsolak made the upside down “scissors” through the area, but the ball passed next to Brinoli’s right crossbar.

Earlier, the guests “lost” Ludqvist due to injury in 41 ‘, while they saw Ioannidis make a bad assessment in a phase that περισσότερα promised more. However, they went to the locker room leading 1-0.

The compositions of the two groups:

PAOK (Razvan Lutsescu): Paschalakis, Sastre, Ingason, Michailidis, Vierinia (64 ‘Siddklay), Tsigaras (64’ Mitritsa), Kurtic (82 ‘Swab), Murg (46’ Biseswar), Augusto, A. Zivkovic, Chpo (Chop).

They stayed on the bench: Z. Zivkovic, Taylor, Crespo, Soares.

Panathinaikos (Ivan Jovanovic): Dioudis, Sanchez, Senkefeld, Veleth, Juankar, Ruben Pereth, Ludkvist (41 ‘Vital), Alexandropoulos (68’ Ayub), Palacios (80 ‘Carlitos), Ioannidis (68’ Gatsinovic), Aitoz).

They stayed on the bench: Dioudis, Chatzitheodoridis, Sarlia, Pougouras.

Referee: Andris Treimanis.

Assistants: Haralds Gundermanis, Alexis Spasyonikovs.

4th Referee: Athanasios Tzilos.

VAR Referee: Ivan Bebek.

Referee AVAR: Konstantinos Triantafyllou.

See here the description of the match from Match Center

Source: Sport-fm

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