Cups in all three weapons at OAKA on the weekend, 25-26/11


The heart of Greek fencing will beat in the indoor training facility of OAKA, since some of the best and best fencers in Greece will take their place on the tracks. On Saturday 25/11, the second swordsmanship and swordsmen’s/women’s Cups of the competition season will take place, while on Sunday the third and final Youth Duel Swords Cup will take place.

Second Men’s/Women’s Epee Sword Cup

Saturday 25/11 – OAKA

44 women and 52 men from all over Greece have registered for the race. Among the names expected to star are the winners of the first Cup and last year’s champions of Greece, Nikos Kontochristopoulos and Katerina Kontochristopoulou (AOX Aigaleo).

Among the other names, Maria Chaldaiou (VALUE), Stavrina Garifallou (AOX Aegaleo), Vasiliki Mekra (AOX Aegaleo) and Eleni Ballou (AOX Aegaleo) stand out among the women and Giorgos Manolikas (AXIA), Dimitris Panagopoulos (AEK), Yiannis Tsimiklis (GEF), Dimitris Gikas (VALUE) and Artemios Tzovanis (AOX Aigaleo) in the men.

The series of three Greek Cups is included in the seven criteria matches for the “battle” of choosing the athlete who will represent Greece in the European Olympic qualification tournament in April.

Second Men’s/Women’s Saber Cup

Saturday 25/11 – OAKA

A total of 39 women and 45 men from all over Greece have registered. For the men, Dimitris Kafataridis (AOS Ariston Paanias), who was the winner of the first cup this year, will be present, the champion of Greece in 2023, Panagiotis Kontoidis (AEK), Yiannis Priftis (AOS Ariston Paanias), but also the young Guy-Giorgos Leoton and Thomas-Avraam Grollios of Aris Thessaloniki.

Among the women, the winner of the first cup, Konstantina Kefala (AO Ariston Paanias), the 2023 Greek champion, Athenais Mavrikakis (AO Aspida), the athletes of the National team, Marina Paizi (AS Victoria) and Clairi Benou (AO Ariston Paanias), the duo of Marilena Gazepidis and Despina Constantakopoulos from Olympiakos, but also the young Alina Kouroussi (AO Apollon Vrilissi).

As in epee, so in men’s epee the Cup is a competition that gives points for the ranking of the athlete’s selection process for the European Olympic qualification tournament in April. In particular, the same procedure does not apply to the women’s saber, as Despina Georgiadou and Dora Goundoura, who will not attend the OAKA, claim direct Olympic qualification through the world ranking.

3rd Junior Men’s/Young Women’s Duel Sword Cup (U20)

Sunday 26/11 – OAKA

This year’s junior men’s and junior women’s dueling sword cup round is coming to an early end. In the third and last cup of the competition season, 41 young women and 48 young men will compete.

In the youth, Panagiotis Theodoropoulos (AO Ariston Paanias) will attempt to make it “3/3” in this year’s cups, while his sister Andriana Theodoropoulos (AO Ariston Paanias) wants to achieve the same in the young ones after the victories in Pylaia (23 /9) and OAKA (21/10).

Konstantinos Karambasis (AO Ariston Paianias), Angelos Raspoptsis (OXIF) and Giorgos Alestas (Irida) are some of the names that stand out among the young men, while Christina Boronkai (Lygkas Pentelis), Ariadni Naskari (AO Ariston Paianias) and Stella Kefala -Tsorou (LO Varis) are among the notable young women fencers.

It should be noted that the young swordsmen are also preparing for the Young Men’s World Cup that EOX has undertaken to organize in OAKA, December 16-17.

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